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Beautiful Naperville Marketer Tries Glamour on for Size

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Contemporary Portraiture in Naperville


Check out this lovely – she’s a friend of the family and a darling help to me.  We were testing out some studio stuff on for size (oh, did I mention I’m opening a studio in Naperville?  Will I am.  And you should come see it!) and she was interested in a boudoir/glamour session of her own.

The night we did her session I ran home and started editing because I just Looooovvvvvveeee doing these shoots.  I then sent her a mini collage of some of the photos, and here’s what she wrote back.

“HOLY HELL, KATE. I’m crying a little bit! YOU MADE ME LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL, I CAN’T BELIEVE THOSE ARE ME! I can’t wait to share it everywhere!

I love them so much! ” -MK


And that gave me chills and a smile on my face that lasted for a couple of hours.  This is how I think all women should feel, and what an honor that I get to help them see how gorgeous they are!

Before and After Woman in her 20s Glamorous Portraits by Naperville Photographer

Before and After




And here’s a few more from our shoot, just for fun!

Beauty Glamour Contemporary Portrait by Kate Naperville MKc green tonesBeauty Glamour Contemporary Portrait by Kate Naperville MKd pretty close upBeauty Glamour Contemporary Portrait by Kate Naperville MKb



Ready to get your glam on?  Contact me now!

And until then – Stay fabulous!


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