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Studio Portraits for a Country Girl – Naperville Boudoir Photographer

Naperville Boudoir Photographer for a Country Girl

Fun Naperville boudoir photography session in color and black and white

Breaking Loose!



This super fun girl started off her experience with Boutique Photography by Kate with a visit to our studio for a consultation.

Consultations are a great opportunity to meet me, see the studio, check out some of the excellent products and chat a bit to be sure I’m the right photographer for you.

It was still relatively hot in the fall when she visited and she brought her mama and a friend to check it out too.  They were so casual and relatable that I knew her session was going to be awesome.  Laid back, low stress, and beautiful.  She booked her session for a few months out, scheduling us squarely in winter weather!



Naperville boudoir photographer session prep with makeup table

Getting Sassified!

The day of her session, she brought a super cool friend with her, which worked out great for everyone.  Moral support, outfit consultant and DJ?  Yes, please!

Friend, DJ, Future Client!

Friend, DJ, Future Client!




This pretty lady was a bit nervous at first, but once we turned on the country tunes, the whole vibe changed.  We went from a sort of cautious, careful posing style to very quickly changing it all in to a dance party for everyone 🙂


Lovely boudoir on white bedding by Naperville photographerlaughing boudoir photos by naperville glamour and boudoir photographerLovely light boudoir session with bootslaughing boudoir photos by naperville glamour and boudoir photographerStunning Portraits by Naperville Boudoir Photographer Boutique Photography by kate

Interested in a Glamour or Boudoir session for yourself?  Well what are you waiting for?  You’re perfect right now!

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