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To Studio or Not To Studio – Naperville Boudoir

Naperville Boudoir Photographer

Studio or Hotel Boudoir Session – which is better?


There are pros and cons to any decision, but for something like boudoir photography I think it’s important to give my clients a say in what works best for them.

A hotel can offer a certain pin-tucked-sheets and functional design aesthetic that is terrific for certain women – changing locations can offer variety, too.  But the cost to shoot a session can often be higher and the availability can be much more limited.

A studio can offer a secure environment for nervous Boudoir clients, since it’s an established location chosen and outfitted by the Photographer herself, with Boudoir Photography in mind.  Variety can be created with different backgrounds, creative lighting and of course props.  Plus availability is much more flexible since you don’t have to rely on finicky room fees and whether or not a convention is in town and has booked everything up….

Boutique Boudoir by Kate will offer both to clients in the near future – A cozy little studio space outfitted by yours truly and designed with your glamifying in mind – and Hotel options for boudoir parties of two of more gals (booked back to back).


So how bout it?  Which location would you prefer for Your Boudoir Photography session?

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Stay Fabulous!  (And hey, click here to start planning your very own Boudoir Photography shoot!)



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