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Top 5 Reasons to Schedule with your Portrait Photographer Today!

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Top 5 Reasons to schedule a Portrait Photography session Now!

Beautiful boudoir image by Naperville boudoir photographer Kate Appelman

1)   You’re at a milestone.

You’re getting married.  You’ve just gotten married.  You’re single. You’ve just had a baby.  You’re done having babies.  You’ve just run a marathon. You’re 25.  You’re 30.  You’re 40. You’re 50.  You’re 60.  You’re whatever age you are right now.  You finally feel good about your body.  You want to finally feel good about your body.  You don’t remember what it means to feel sexy.  You remember what it feels like to be sexy and you want pictures to prove it.  You’re ready.


No really.  You’re ready.  Right now.



Look like a model glamour portraits in Naperville by Photographer

Pre-Glam / Post-Glam

2)   You love getting dolled up – or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been glamified!

All Boutique Photography by Kate photo sessions INCLUDE Professional Hair Styling and Makeup!   You will be treated like a celebrity – after you’re all beautified up, you’re posed down to your fingertips to showcase your gorgeousness in amazing light.   There’s probably some dancing around and some laughing.  There might be a coffee or tea and chocolate.  Just sayin’.

Makeover Portraits by Naperville photographer blonde with grey sweater

3)   You are perfect RIGHT NOW.

You can’t turn back the hands of time.  This is you, this is real, this is who you are right now in all your fabulous glory.  Take the time to treat yourself now, and remember how vibrant and beautiful you are (not to mention – many days/weeks/years from now you better believe you’ll still be proud of these!) Your boudoir or glamour portrait photographer can help you see the beauty in you that maybe you’ve forgotten.

Dramatic portrait of woman in black and white by naperville portrait photographer for women

4)   It’s crazy FUN!

It’s not super serious, it’s silly and goofy and wonderful.  And can I just tell you about the extra switch in your walk you’ll have when you’re done?    Warning:  Portrait Shoots with Boutique Photography by Kate are addictive!

Lovely light boudoir session with boots

5)   It’s an amazing gift for someone special.

Can you imagine the look on your partner’s face when you present these photos?  The ones we collaborated on to create your vision for your sexy, beautiful, glamorous self?  It’s a powerful thing to create something that represents you, your relationship and this time in your life!



Ready to set up your very own Boutique Photography by Kate photo session?  Well contact me now!


Until then, Stay fabulous!


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